Mr. Holden is finally here!

Some might call it intuition or “gut instinct”, and some might call it a message from God, but on the morning of October 18th, 2014 in a Tim Hortons just a few minutes from my house, I suddenly found myself struck with the intense and life-changing idea that I needed to finish my education degree by age 40. I was filled with such joy and a sense of clarity and in a weird way, faith, that if I finished my degree, everything would “fall into place.” I remember writing an email to members of my rock band that something compelled me to finish school, mainly so I could be around more for my kids and possibly coach their school basketball teams as they get into jr high and high school.

I found out during my practicums that I loved being in a classroom, and I was extremely fortunate to be offered a full-time probationary teaching contract well before I was even done my final practicum. And within weeks of getting hired in the district, suddenly I found myself being given the opportunity to coach the jr high girls team starting in fall as well.

I start teaching full time in the music class in September and in the meantime I’ll be subbing to dive into the classroom and get some practical experience. I subbed yesterday at a jr. high and today I subbed in the school I’ll be teaching at in the fall. It was awesome teaching music to the young first graders and I guess the best part of the day was teaching my own daughter in her grade 3 class. As the day got on today, I got better around the young ones and realized that keeping kids that young properly engaged requires quick thinking, empathy, creativity, and passion. Thankfully, I feel I have all those attributes and today was simply a magical day.

As I share my journey in this blog, I will be forthright about my skills and lack of skills, and will hope to share my strengths as much as my weaknesses, in hopes that I can learn and help my peers learn.