Parent Volunteers Rock.

Today I was a substitute for a kindergarten class and we had a field trip to Jurassic Forest.

I was definitely a bit nervous considering I didn’t know how many students were in the class or how many parent volunteers there would be… it turned out we went along with 2 other kindergarten classes from the school and we had about 5-6 parent volunteers per class. The other teachers helped me out and led the way, and I was definitely the teacher and go-to person for my volunteers, but in the end today really was “easy” because an EA was there to help me out and the parent volunteers kept their groups together. So, today was pretty anxiety-free and I credit the parents for that.

Next week I’ll be teaching a different kindergarten class at the same school – and this will be a more normal day since we won’t be on a field trip.

Seeing as it’s June, I’m seeing the effects of a year’s worth of routine. The kindergarten students in today’s class were extremely well behaved and very polite & friendly.

Overall, my first impression of teaching kindergarten was that it’s an age group I definitely enjoy and can hang out with – I don’t think I’d really want to teach that age group full time but I’m pumped about teaching music & music appreciation to these kiddos in the fall.


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