Decide Now! App

In the math 6 class I subbed for last Wednesday, there was a lesson which required students to calculate the probability of how often a certain animal would come up with 50 spins of an arrow on a board with the animal names printed on it. I couldn’t find this premade spinner and then remembered I had an app on my phone that would work perfectly.

I entered the proper amount of each animal and then had the students help me out by each getting a chance to spin the wheel at least once, while we had come students writing the results on the board with tally marks. In the end, the actual numbers were very close to the theoretical numbers we predicted, and the students had fun throughout this relatively quick exercise.

I’ve used this app for randomly calling on students and I’ve also used it as a basketball coach where the students can spin the wheel and let it determine what drill we’re doing next.

I highly recommend Decide Now! as a helpful app in the classroom. Thanks to my IFX mentor teacher Drozda for showing it to me! (He uses it to randomly pick Improv games in his drama classes)


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