“Mr. Holden, j’etais frappé dans les nuts!”

Interesting day with the grade 1s. At this time of year, their routine is pretty built in and they were a happy and energetic group. A few minor challenges but mainly coming from me not knowing quite yet what is normal for this age group.

After the first recess, a girl came in crying and I could tell by looking at her arm that it wasn’t just a normal boo boo. She fell off the high monkey bars and her elbow was swelling quite a bit. I brought her to the office and they called a parent to pick her up. At the end of the day I found out she broke her arm 😦

At the very end of the day, a young lad I’d been teaching came up to me on the playground and yelled “Mr. Holden, j’etais frappé dans les nuts!” (Which means ‘Mr. Holden, I was hit in the nuts’) He proclaimed this loudly and somewhat happily in front of the other teachers and it gave us all a nice laugh – after I advised him to breathe deeply several times.

Grade 1 is fun – again, bit something I’d opt to do full time, but fun in short bursts.

In another note – the school I’ll be working at in the fall is very close. I subbed there today and it was awesome that we could cycle there and back as a family. (The school in the picture is just on the way home)


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