2 of my friends said “you seem really happy” in the last 2 weeks. These are friends that have known me for years. They may be right. I may be happy.

This morning I subbed in the music class and it was mostly great.

In the afternoon I had an entirely different experience with the grade 4s and it was also great.

Connecting quickly with students is the best skill I have that contributes directly to effective classroom management. I knew I had the grade 4s in the palm of my hand when I made them laugh and one of the students exclaimed “you’re one of the fun subs, I can tell.” Truth be told, the plan for the afternoon was all fun stuff – free time (colouring or computer time), then gym, then recess, then music, then they were watching the grade 1 year-end drama performance.

With music I did some simple and fun “repeat after me” stuff on the piano and with voice, in addition to the songs they needed to practice for the weekly assembly.

In a brief moment where I had an unexpected prep, I went to another staff member and offered help which she accepted and suddenly I found myself supervising a grade 3 class in the gym for the grade 1 drama performances while the teacher was doing reading assessments with some other students.

I enjoy subbing a lot as it just has a tremendous amount of newness every minute. And the teachers really appreciate it when you do a good job.

I know I have that “new job shine” right now and am seeing things through rose coloured glasses to a certain degree, but my main takeaway is that my happiness at work and away from work is quite possibly at the highest level it’s been in my life. I may have reached a peak that I won’t be able to sustain forever – but I like acknowledging that I’m here in a very happy time in my life and I attribute it to finding a challenging career and recently pushing myself the hardest I ever have in order to finish my degree while still balancing family and financial responsibilities.

My friends are right. I seem happy because, well, I am happy.

(My daughter Sloan enjoys my presence in her school)


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