First day of school – 2017/2018 Schoolyear

Well. There’s obviously quite a lot happening – but it’s not unmanageable. I definitely don’t want to take on too much, but I’m also excited about giving as much as I can. I feel very supported so far by my administration and staff members. A cool and unexpected bonus, however, is that I’m married to a teacher and her expertise has helped me craft what I think will be a strong ethos for my music program. She suggested I integrate music with literature and use books that have musical elements. She had several suggestions of books that fit this criteria. Then the librarian at my school found French books with the same criteria and suddenly I have about 25 books that feature musical themes, songs, rhythms, rhymes, and any sort of musical element. I envision reading these books to my students and having fun discussions about the different musical elements. At the same time, I’ll be recommending these books to my students to read and enjoy on their own. Really just trying to create a love of literature and music at the same time! Great idea from my wife and I’m pumped to use it.

In addition to my musical role at the school, I’ve been asked to be the school chaplain. This is a role that I think is somewhat beyond my current abilities but something I can grow into and enjoy.

Setting up my music room was a unique challenge! I’m happy with where it’s at so far and will tweak as needed – but again this was a situation where my wife’s expertise played a large role. She was able to quickly identify which resources (left in the classroom from before) would be useful, and how the layout would work best.  I knew the real test would be the first day, and I was happy that the first graders were using the space exactly as I hoped. They were running around and spinning on the floor, and they filled the space without hurting any instruments or themselves.

I feel like my overall interactions with students, staff, and parents were positive and I hope to just build on that all year.


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