In full swing….

3 weeks into the gig all I can say is it’s a lot of work but it’s been so gratifying on so many levels. My household, my daughters, the energy in my classroom, the morning routine with my family… everything is pretty chill. This is because I live with a veteran teacher. She helped me considerably with getting my classroom in order, and with my Music & Literacy program. All my peace of mind comes from her help, and a very helpful admin and staff who have been nothing but supportive and welcoming. I still need some more strategies (besides the art of distraction) to keep the younger kiddos engaged. Sometimes my lessons for the younger ones have felt like I’m simply a child entertainer… If I keep singing and getting them to sing along, I have no problems… But if I try to talk to explain even the smallest element, I get students that think they can talk over me. Still working on that. Other than that, I’ve given about 3000 high fives in less than 3 weeks and I love the gig.

I have 2 planned days with subs coming up – I wrote some plans and I hope it works out. That’s the latest. Tomorrow we go on an overnight staff retreat for PD, and I’m looking forward to getting to know the staff better. I feel very at home at school so far.

I have some extracurricular things such as choir and worship band that I am planning for… I  hope they go well. Proper planning just really seems to be the “magic” antidote for feeling stress free at school. I’ve been planning lots. Doesn’t feel like enough but I think I’m strking a healthy balance between planning and rest time in my evenings.

My kids are thriving in school which I think alleviates my stress a bit. If they were struggling I think my stress would be up. But so far this year, we’re having arguably the best September of our lives! Don’t want to jinx it! Thankful and grateful for where I am right now.


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